Know Your Options

Perfect Your Body Language in an Interview – GET THAT JOB!

1. Make Eye Contact with the Interviewer. 2. Your Hands should be Empty. 3. Look Straight Ahead, be Comfortable – without being too Relaxed. 4. Show Interest by Acknowledging the Interviewer when they speak to You – Nod Your Head. 5. Be Impeccable in Your Appearance and in line with the Company Culture. 6. Be

Build Trust With Everyone in the Office. Here’s How:

1. Don’t Sugar Coat, tell it like it is. 2. Don’t Hide Bad News, Work it Out together. 3. Always Keep Your Cool, be Calm through Difficult Times. 4. Don’t allow them to Assume, Present all Sides of an Issue. 5. Listen, Acknowledge, and Understand What is being Said. 6. A tiny Exaggeration Can Destroy

Signs Your Job is Causing You Stress!

1. You Break Out in Hives for No Reason. 2. You Have No Control Over Your Weight. 3. You Continuously get Headaches. 4. Your tummy doesn’t feel right. 5. Your more prone to Colds. 6. Acne 7. You Can’t concentrate. 8. A lot more Hair loss than usual.


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