Top 10 things NOT to do in an Interview.

1. Appear Disinterested – Bored in an Interview? How will you Act on the Job? Employers are looking for Someone who brings Energy & Focus to their team, & will Engage with the Job.

2. Dress Inappropriately – Wearing Clothing which is: too tight, too loose, too dressy, too casual. Keep in Mind: They’re Evaluating your Judgment & how you’d appear to Customers. Do you show you can fit in with Company Culture? Are you there to Bring Professionalism to the Organization? Dress the Part.

3. Appear Arrogant – Hiring Managers want to hear about your Accomplishments in the Context on how you helped the Organization, not a list of Bragging Rights. Frame your Big Wins in the Company’s Overall Success: your impressive Sales Numbers Attributed to the Company’s Biggest year in Earnings, for example.

4. Talk Negatively about Current or Previous Employers – Why would they want to be your New Employer when your Old Employer is taking all the Blame for your Career’s Negatives?

5. Answer a Cell phone or text – Do NOT use your cell at all During the interview, it’s Rude & Discourteous.

6. Appear Uninformed about the Company or Role – Before your interview, Research every Aspect: who you’ll be interviewing with, what the Role’s Responsibilities are, any Major News about the Organization & a Background Knowledge of its industry.

7. Avoid Providing Specific Examples – Hiring Managers Want to Hear Exactly how you Demonstrate your Qualities of Being a “Hard-working, Energetic, Driven team-player.” Did you implement a New Employee Engagement Perk or Group? Did you Earn recognition or Awards for your Achievements? Get specific when you’re Explaining your Strengths & Achievements.

8. Ask Generic Questions (or None at All) – Demonstrate your Knowledge by Asking Specific Questions about on-the-job duties, as well as any Questions you May have about the Organization or Style of Management.

9. Provide too much Personal information – Avoid Oversharing. Don’t go into Detail about Personal Hobbies or Family. Simply be yourself & let your Personality & Confidence speak for themselves.

10. Ask the Hiring Manager Personal Questions – This Does Not Establish a Connection, it Makes your interviewer Uncomfortable & Show you Don’t have a Good Sense of Business Manners. When in Doubt, err on the Side of Caution & Professionalism.

Avoiding these 10 Pitfalls can put you towards having a Successful interview & Potential Job Offer.