STAY POSITIVE while Looking for Work..

1. IMPROVING – After a while of receiving ‘Thanks, but no Thanks’, you can’t help but feel worthless. Take this as an opportunity to Improve. Refine areas of your Job search. Are you emailing blanket resumes? Is your LinkedIn, website, or portfolio outdated or neglected? Polish all your tools! This improves your confidence and your self worth.

2. OPTIONS – This is your time to Explore other options you may want to do or love. Now is the time to look for a position you want to do and love rather than any position that pays the bills. Try new things  and be open mind, you never know, you may love it!

3. GET OUT THERE – Now is not the time to be a couch potato or feel sorry for yourself. Volunteer your time, meet people, network with old and new friends.

4. BE HEALTHY – It’s easy to fall into the Trap of neglecting yourself while being so focused on work. Eat, exercise, sleep at a reasonable time, this will help you look & feel great, not to mention giving you more Energy.

5. DOWNTIME – Reward yourself from a long day of Job Hunting. You Deserve some downtime, this helps you clear your head & get refreshed.

This can be a Frustrating time, but Stay Positive & Focused on the Prize, it’s all about you now. You’ll get there.