Spotting a Toxic Swampland in an Interview..

We’ve Heard of Toxic People but a Toxic Workplace is Equally Damaging & Harmful..

Below are a Few Tell-tale Signs.

1. RESPONSE RATE: Mutual Respect needs to be given to both parties, Hiring Managers & Applicants. If a Hiring Manager allows a few weeks to go by without being in touch with the Applicant after an interview, this is Extremely Discourteous. These are very Emotional times for the Applicant, Why prolong their Anxiety. You need to ask yourself, do they treat company employees in the same manner?

2. LOOK AROUND THE OFFICE: How’s the Vibe? Are people Happy, Friendly, Genuine? Is this the Team you want to be Part of?

3. WORK SPACE: Is it open concept, private, will you be sharing your work space?

4. ENERGY: Look around, is the environment High Energy, fast paced, slow paced, Hectic, Loud, Quiet, Disorganized, Frantic? What do you Work Best in?

5. YOU’RE HIRED: You barely had an interview and now you’re hired. This could indicate high turnover.

6. RIDICULOUSLY LONG INTERVIEW: Are you going through countless hoops? This could indicate that the company has many layers of bureaucracy.

Do your Research, Google the Company or look them up on Glassdoor. Bills need to get Paid, however your Mental and Physical Health are what’s Important at the End of the Day. Stay Focused and that Perfect Job you well Deserve will Come. Have Patience and don’t sell yourself short.