Shedding light on “Temporary Work”

As Recruiters we know that temporary work often gets a bad rap and we have heard a lot of misconceptions about temporary work. So, we thought we’d shed some light on the more positive aspects about working on a temporary basis.

In 2013, Ranstad’s Global Workmonitor surveyed employees in 32 counties around the world, revealing that most Canadians believe that experience weights heavier than education when trying to find a suitable job.

Knowing this, we argue that temporary work is an excellent way to gain experience within a variety of industries for companies you may never have thought to work for! It has been our experience that, more often than not, temporary assignments lead to permanent roles and definitely open more doors for opportunity to permanent positions.

One common misconception about temporary work is that temporary workers “will only be considered for short term assignments as a result of their work history and will take away valuable time spent looking for a full time role” Our counter to that is temporary work often allows for more flexibility than permanent roles and most importantly provides you with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the workforce. Additionally, temporary work gives you exposure to a variety of new fields of potential interest that require different skill sets.

Therefore, temporary work not only allows you to build your network for future opportunities and references, but is an excellent way to remain employed while continuing your job search and building on your skill set.

Give us your experience(s) with temporary work! What are your feelings/opinions?