“RED FLAG” – Words Never to Say in an Interview.

1. Nervous – this lacks confidence.
2. ‘Money,’ ‘salary,’ ‘pay,’ ‘compensation,’ etc. – looks as though you are only there for a paycheque.
3. ‘Weaknesses’ or ‘mistakes’ -you lack confidence.
4. Need – you may potentially be high-maintenance or a challenge to work with.
5. ‘Perks’ or ‘benefits’ – looks as though you may be more concerned with what the employer contributes rather than what you will be contributing.
6. ‘Terrible,’ ‘horrible,’ ‘awful,’ ‘hate,’ etc. – negative language makes you look as though you may bad talk the company in the future.
7. Fine – this word is overused and vague, and may look dishonest.
8. Curse words and / or slang – shows you have poor communication skills.
9. Sorry – may make you look passive or indecisive.
10. ‘Um,’ ‘so,’ ‘like’ – do not use ‘filler words’, it makes you look unsure of yourself and / or dishonest.
11. ‘Divorced,’ ‘pregnant,’ ‘sick,’ etc. – these words may make you look as though your personal issues may interfere with the position.
12. Actually – puts distance between you and the interviewer.
13. Just – this could detract from what you are saying.
14. ‘Vacation’ or ‘PTO’ – you don’t want to give the impression that you will be taking too much time off work.