NOW THAT YOU HAVE THE JOB – Pay Attention to Your Personal Grooming.

1. Ensure Your Shoes are Shined, Clean & in Good Repair.
2. Clothes Should be Wrinkle free, Clean, in Good Condition, no Rips, no Missing Buttons.
3. You Should be Freshly Showered, use Deodorant, Do Not Overdo Perfume or Cologne. Men – Shaved facial hair. Women – Simple Makeup.
4. Hair Should be Clean Everyday, Cut Well & Styled Neatly.
5. Teeth – Clean, in Good Repair, fresh breath. If you Smoke or Drink Coffee, it may help to Brush your teeth & freshen your teeth right after.
6. Hands & Nails Clean. Nails nicely trimmed.

Think Each Day is Your Interview Day!