Detoxify Your Office- Get Rid of Deadly Air Fresheners & Add these Plants Instead..

According to Environmental Protection Agency, Air Fresheners have Harmful Chemicals. If Consumed orally, one Could Die. The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) tested 14 different air fresheners sold, study concluded that many contained chemicals that could cause developmental and reproductive problems, especially for infants. It highlighted the presence of phthalates, chemicals that manufacturers use as plastic softeners and to hold fragrances. California and Washington have banned the sale of children’s toys containing phthalates because of their link to hormonal disruptions.

15 Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality
1. Aloe vera
2. Spider plant
3. Gerbera daisy
4. Snake plant
5. Golden pothos
6. Chrysanthemum
7. Red-edged dracaena
8. Weeping fig
9. Azalea
10. English ivy
11. Warneck dracaena
12. Chinese evergreen
13. Bamboo palm
14. Heart leaf philodendron
15. Peace lily