Build Trust With Everyone in the Office. Here’s How:

1. Don’t Sugar Coat, tell it like it is.
2. Don’t Hide Bad News, Work it Out together.
3. Always Keep Your Cool, be Calm through Difficult Times.
4. Don’t allow them to Assume, Present all Sides of an Issue.
5. Listen, Acknowledge, and Understand What is being Said.
6. A tiny Exaggeration Can Destroy Your Credibility.
7. Never Ever Lie.
8. Actions “off-stage” (ex an office party or Facebook) impact Your Trust and Credibility.
9. Never use Excuses, Present Solutions for Every Problem Instead.
10. Disagree without being Disagreeable.
11. Never Repeat rumors.
12. People will test You in Small Ways before trusting You outright.
13. What’s Worse than talking about Others is talking about Yourself.