Become Resume Ready!

Writing your resume and selling yourself on paper can be a difficult task for anyone! Once you have put all of your information, experiences and skills together and you have started sending your resume out, it is important to refresh and update your resume as you go.

For those of us who have been in the work force and are thinking of making a career change, it is important to re-visit your resume. If you haven’t looked at your resume in over a year, chances are you have some updating to do! Too many of us make the mistake of simply adding the last few positions we’ve been in and sending it out in the hopes of landing that new position quickly. We must remember that it is quality over quantity! It is important to really take the time to review your resume, dot your eye’s and cross your t’s, to ensure that you are resume ready!

check out the video below on a few tips to help you get resume ready!

Lisa Boesen is a Certified Professional Coach, Healthcare Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Consultant

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