Afraid of Public Speaking, however the position you’re interested in requires it? Below are a few tips on how to overcome your fear of Public Speaking.

1. Focus on your breathing. You can tell when someone’s nervous based on how fast they’re breathing.

When you breathe in a short, shallow, your body’s likely to enter a state of panic.

Speak slowly & steadily. Don’t take small, quick breaths before you start to speak.

Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes before your presentation.

This sends a signal to your brain to calm down & relax, which makes it easier to focus.

2. Practice makes perfect. Practice in front of a mirror until you can start in the middle of your speech & finish it.

This boosts your confidence. The more nervous you get, the more hours you should be practicing.

3. Visualize the situation. When you practice in front of the mirror, imagine your audience & your venue.

Practice these steps & once you get to show time, your nerves will be calm.