13 Signs it’s time to Switch Jobs. Don’t Worry, We’re Here to Help you Find that Dream Job!

1. Lack of Passion – the Butterflies you Once had are Gone.
2. You’re Miserable in the Mornings – your Body’s Sluggish just thinking of Going into Work.
3. Your Company is Sinking – Jump, Run, Swim, Don’t go Down with a Sinking Ship.
4. You Dislike your Co-workers/Boss – Some issues may be Fixable, however, if they are Not, Why be Miserable?
5. You’re Consistently Stressed, Negative, &/or Unhappy at Work.
6. Your Work-Related Stress is Affecting your Health.
7. You Don’t Fit in with the Corporate Culture &/or you Don’t Believe in the Company.
8. Your Work Performance is Suffering.
9. Your Skills are not being Utilized – Management does not Notice or Appreciate What you Have to Offer.
10. Your Job Duties have Changed/Increased, but the Pay hasn’t.
11. Your Ideas are not Being Heard.
12. You’re Bored & Stagnating at your Job.
13. You’re Experiencing Abuse: Verbal, Sexual or are Witnessing Illegal Behaviour.