10 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd just like FIREWORKS

1. Respond Directly to the Job Description
2. Tailor Your Resume to the Job. Incorporate keywords used in the job posting into Your Resume
3. Describe Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities
4. Make sure it is error-free and easy to read
5. Use Power Words as: Initiated, Implemented, Led, Managed, Increased, Influenced, Launched, Advised, Demonstrated, Conceptualized, Delivered, Eliminated, Executed, Generated, Motivated, Saved, Performed, Planned, Promoted, Shaped, Supervised, Succeeded, Streamlined, Upgraded, Productive, Ability, Developing, Outstanding, Positive, Proactive, Proven, Pivotal, Repeatedly, Significantly, Thoroughly, Versatile
6. Use a Simple Format
7. Use a Cover Letter
8. List all Your Skills
9. Send it to the right person
10. Focus on relevance