National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Options Consulting Solutions is committed to building meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities. We seek to contribute to reconciliation efforts by recognizing the settler colonial history of Canada; educating our staff and clients on current affairs; and seeking opportunities to work together to empower Indigenous Peoples.

Statutory Holiday

This year, the Canadian government created a new federal statutory holiday, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. For those working for the federal government or those in the federally regulated private sector (like banks), this day will be a Paid Statutory Holiday and many leading businesses are providing educational training to raise company awareness.

Wear Orange!

We invite our staff, clients, and network to wear orange on September 30th in remembrance of the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada. We encourage you to look more into the history of residential schools in Canada and the injustices faced by First Nations communities.

Community Impact

Ryerson University students, professors, and alumni may be using ‘X University’ on their resumes and posts to denounce the actions taken by Egerton Ryerson and his part in the establishment of the residential school system.

Quick Facts:
  • The federal government established a formal residential school system in 1883. Sir John A. Macdonald authorized the creation of many new schools and gave additional government funding to existing schools to maintain their practice.
  • These schools were created to rigorously assimilate Indigenous children into settler colonial culture and customs by separating them from their families, languages, traditions, and lifestyles.
  • During the time spent at these schools, the children were verbally, physically, mentally, as well as sexually abused or otherwise neglected.
  • Over 150 residential schools operated in almost every province and territory in Canada.
  • As of 2021, the Canadian federal government estimates that at least 150,000 Indigenous children would have passed through the doors of a residential school.
  • Many survivors of the residential school system still grapple with the trauma they experienced with under-funded mental and physical health resources.

Other Injustices faced by the Indigenous community:
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