Superior customer service is the foundation upon which Options Consulting Solutions was built. We appreciate that our success depends on earning your trust and we work hard to keep it. We sort, sift and dig systematically through our professional networks, industry connections and our customized database of qualified professionals with a single purpose: to uncover top talent that will drive results to your bottom line

OCS takes pride in acting as an extension of our clients.  Prior to beginning any search requisition, your OCS Consultant, along with a secondary point of contact, will conduct an on-site visit to gain a clear understanding of your specific culture and recruitment needs. We will also determine your organizational structure and the “wow factor” that separates you from your competitors.  When a recruitment mandate is expressed to us, we follow a standardized recruitment process that has facilitated our ability to reduce client costs, increase the speed in which we deliver results while still producing high caliber candidates.

We adhere to our “7 Step Process”:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Research
  • Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Assessment
  • Presentation and Interview
  • Acceptance of Match from Client and Candidate
  • Follow-up

(The 7 Steps will be a link they can download to view PowerPoint to read more)

At OCS we understand how important it is to qualify our candidates. We follow our “fundamental principle” to ensure that our candidates are qualified, motivated and invested in the specific opportunity.  Candidates are determined based on the original search criteria and are will not be submitted to you unless they:

  • Have met at least 80% or more of the skills you require
  • Are willing to accept an offer in the specified salary range
  • Are motivated by more than the monetary value of joining your company