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Shannan Willoughby

Recruiter, Temporary Division

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Shannan Willoughby has been referred to as a true Recruitment Professional. Her out of the box mentality allows her to incorporate many disciplines and methodologies to uncover top talent. Her longstanding relationships with multiple community organizations throughout the years has made her a trusted recruitment advisor and industry expert. This has not only guided her in building a solid network she can connect with to reach, passive professionals while building a diverse workforce but has also enabled her to build lasting client relationships.

Her aptitude to understand the needs of her clients and candidates complemented with her outstanding customer service skills and a genuine desire to help people find their dream careers have guided Shannan to the success she has achieved in her career to date.

Shannan believes in goal setting and to this end, her number one goal is to consistently surpass her client’s expectations while remaining cognitive of lasting and cost effective recruitment solutions.

As a member of the OCS temporary division, she brings with her over fifteen years of demonstrated industry experience. Throughout her career, Shannan has been recognized as a trusted partner and has received awards and accolades along the way. Her career has included management and consulting positions with large, midsize and small companies in various industries including skilled trades, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, sales and distribution and not for profit organizations. Her talent management experience includes workforce planning, recruitment, performance management, employee development and employee engagement.

“Let’s make your team the ultimate reason your customers want to do business with you “

“There is not much I couldn’t say about Shannan, a dedicated hard working, kind thoughtful women who keeps your best interest her main goal. I came to Shannan for her help in finding a job, I am still here 15 years later, not just me but half the employees that work where I am. There is not a person I have sent to her that she has not helped find a job, not just a job, a place where you feel it’s the perfect fit for you. She is an amazing lady, her ability to place and follow up and follow through is undeniable. I’m not sure what I would have done without her!” – Candidate

“Shannan attends career fairs and conducts recruitment events, and also, interviews and hires on the spot. She is patient, kind, and courteous in responding to the needs of our employees. She is an integral and valued community partner and we look forward to continuing the relationship.” – Client