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Gregg Lienhart

Senior Search Consultant

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Key Statistics:

  • 10 years experience in Recruitment & Staffing
  • 71 Full Time Candidates hired 2017; 92% retention rate

Gregg has been in the recruitment industry since 2007 and he lives and breathes building teams and recruiting only the brightest minds for his clients.

He has the knowledge, experience, and resources to recruit the A players across the city. His focus is on high profile opportunities and he recruits candidates that are a perfect match. Gregg looks for individuals that will streamline processes, implements change and drive business.

Gregg rarely posts jobs ads to match savvy talent with great employers. On the contrary, he depends on his connections and the ability to find and headhunt talent. Additionally, Gregg collects his talent and rosters of ideal candidates through referrals, headhunting, and networking.

On the client side, Gregg is very thorough, often setting up conference calls to really understand what the firm needs candidate wise. Gregg consults his client on the market, salaries and what the competition is doing.

“Gregg Lienhart is a passionate individual who cares about his clients and the candidates he places. Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with Gregg. He is a professional, diligent, and thorough recruiter. I have had the pleasure of working with Gregg over the past year for numerous recruitment projects and he has excelled at presenting quality candidates who are truly a great fit for the organization. I would definitely recommend Gregg to any company or candidate.” – Client

“It is a pleasure to work with Gregg! He listens carefully to your exact needs not only for the role but the culture of the organization. I appreciated him bringing forward top quality candidates with the necessary skills and demeanour which ultimately resulted us in hiring the ideal employee. I highly recommend Gregg as he is very knowledgeable, always available and extremely easy to deal with.” – Client